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Shoalhaven 30 conducted helicopter training with 'Chopper 26' from HMAS Albatross, the two units train multiple times per year honing skills in the event of an aeromedivac or other requirement to transfer personnel or equipment at sea.

The training involved heading North of the Shoalhaven River entrance about 5Nm and turning into wind, the swell was 1.5m and the wind was 15kt from SSW, this kept SA30 pitching and rolling. Radio communication was established, SA30 set a bearing and speed as requested by Chopper 26, the training begins.

Chopper 26 comes up on the port quarter (rear left corner) of SA30, deploys the winch with aircrew attached and begins to edge ever closer to SA30 until the aircrew is directly over top of SA30 rear deck. Once the alignment is correct, the aircrew is lower the final few metres onto SA30. During this transfers, maintaining the course and speed are critical to ensure everything lines up with precision.

The training continued with multiple transfers successfully achieved without injury or accident, another successful training evolution!

Thanks to the volunteer crew - Mike, Graham, Paul, Tim & Mark and CHC helicopter crew from Chopper 26.

Tim (Deck Handler) & Paul (Deck Boss on comms) stand ready as the first aircrew transfer aboard SA30 - JUN19


Second aircrew landing aboard SA30 - JUN19


Stretcher transferred aboard to medivac an injured patient, in this case a dummy is used - JUN19


Dummy transferred aboard for simulated medivac of an injured patient - JUN19


Patient (dummy) has been secured in the stretcher and is being moved ready for transfer aboard Chopper 26 - JUN19


Tim holding the 'tag line' reasonably taught to prevent it entering the helicopter rotors - JUN19


Graham at the helm holding SA30 steady and Mike watching on as Vessel Master during the stretcher transfer, the stretcher is folded in half for transport, but deploys to full length for an adult/child casualty when required - JUN19 


Tim watches on as the aircrew receive the mailbag (weighted bag) from Chopper 26 - JUN19


Aircrew preparing the dummy for transfer as Tim (Deck Handler) and Paul (Deck Boss) watch on - JUN19


Casualty (dummy) in the strecher ready for airlift, aircrew on the radio to Chopper 26 informing the pilot they are ready to commence casualty transfer - JUN19


Aircrew with a thumbs up for the helicopter to transfer the stretcher - JUN19


Tim holds the tag line whilst the helicopter crew prepare to transfer - JUN19


All action on deck as the transfer of aircrew back to the helicopter is carried out - JUN19


Last transfer, aircrew and Tim saying thanks very much for another successful training exercise - JUN19


Aircrew away - JUN19


Another successful day consolidating training in the event of our community needing rescue support on the water from Marine Rescue Shoalhaven - JUN19

NOTE: Chopper 26 is contracted and dedicated to the Navy at HMAS Albatross as a rescue helicopter, it is permanently stationed at HMAS Albatross and is on standby to support Navy training around the Shoalhaven.


Marty Kaye (Acting Unit Commander) from Marine Rescue Shoalhaven receiving a cheque from Greenwell Point Bowling Club and the Fishing Club..... A big thank you goes to the bowling club for your continued support of Marine Rescue Shoalhaven - JUN19


Congratulations to the guys of Marine Rescue Shoalhaven on receiving your awards today..... Glyn Williams (5 Year Pin), Dave Kitchener (30 year clasp), Cliff Kenney (Commissioner Citation) - MAY19


Annual Maintenance - Shoalhaven Three Zero (SA30) visited the slipway for a hull clean, prop clean and hull anti-fouling application before being returned to the water and active service.

With another glorious Shoalhaven day, many hands made light work. A few additional maintenance tasks were completed during the routine visit to the slipway - MAY19


Volunteers pressure blasting the hull of SA30 in preparation for anti fouling - MAY19


Volunteers pressure blasting the rudders and propellers of SA30, both propellers were removed, cleaned, buffed and refitted looking almost new! - MAY19


Volunteers completing annual vessel maintenance - Susan greasing the propeller taper in preparation for installation - MAY19


Sparkling clean propeller reinstalled - The rudders were also fully cleaned - MAY19


Volunteers - Mark, Glenn & Fred (L-R) alongside at Crookhaven Wharf with Rescue Vessel SA30 (Radio callsign: Shoalhaven Three Zero) - MAY19


Volunteers - Marty & Malcolm busy in the Pilot House manning the radios and providing Fred with a few details - MAY19


Fred at the helm during training and patrol - MAY19


Training - Pumping out a partially sunk vessel using the Rescue Vessel engine driven bilge pump and a portable 12V electric pump - MAY19


Training - Pumping out a partially sunk vessel - MAY19


Training - Pumping out a partially sunk vessel - MAY19


Winner of the Marine Rescue Shoalhaven Easter Raffle - Sponsored by Compleat Angler, South Nowra, thanks to Darren and the team - APR19


Lift Raft training - Flare component - FEB19


Lift Raft training - Flare component - FEB19


Lift Raft training - FEB19


Another successful training evolution



Berthing training in Shaws Creek


Cruising the Shoalhaven River


Coming across the Shoalhaven Bar


Man Over Board (MOB) Training - Always pointing to the target, never taking your eye off


Along Seven Mile Beach, Coolangatta Mountain in the distance


Coming alongside 'Exit Strategy II'


SA30 returning to the Wharf


Assisting a striken vessel


Delta Flag deployment


Untying a fender after a vessel assist


Vessel returned to calm waters


SA30 Helo Ops with Chopper 26


Chopper 26 Aircrew welcomed aboard SA30


SA20 alongside SA30 for crew transfer