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In March 1994 the then Shoalhaven Marine Rescue Association announced the purchase of an ex-Royal Australian Navy workboat.  The vessel NWB 1283 ("Beaver") was one of a number of 12 metre workboats used by the R.A.N.  The vessel was purchased with funding assistance provided by the Shoalhaven City Council.  The vessel was renamed "SA-8", and was powered by twin 137hp Caterpillar V8 naturally aspirated V-8 diesel engines.

 SA-8 as purchased in 1994.

SA-8 was repainted with a white hull and orange superstructure and was officially christened "A.M. McGilvray" on 30 April 1994 at the West Street slipway at Greenwell Point.

SA-8 shortly after being christened and displaying her new colours and sponsors advertising.

SA-8 in a joint training exercise with a Seaking Helicopter from 817 Squadron, HMAS Albatross.

SA-8 in the Crookhaven River, @ 2001.

SA-8 and Colin Woods, off Bristol Point Jervis Bay, participating in Emergency Services exercise, 12 August 2001.

SA-8 anchored at the Nowra Bridge, March 2002.  Vessel tied to SA-8 is SA-5, unaccredited work vessel used by SMRA.

SA-8 at Dawn Service, Greenwell Point, Anzac Day 2002.

2 photos above show SA-8 alongside the public wharf at Nowra Bridge following the recovery of a deceased male 24 July 2002

Photo above - 15 May 2003 - SAREX at Greenwell Point, vessels pictured in Shaw's Creek, Greenwell Point, L to R - SA-8,

SA-24 (TSRV Crookhaven), WP-25 and Colin Woods.

3 photos above show SA-8 putting to sea and participating in a winching/training exercise with a Seahawk Helicopter from 816 Squadron, HMAS Albatross

on the 14 July 2004.  SA-8 left the Crookhaven with 14 POB and returned with 11 - the other 3 having been winched off and taken to the Pilot Station at

Crookhaven Heads.

SA-8 in a training/winching exercise with there NSW Ambulance Helicopter off Crookhaven Heads - 7 March 2008.

SA-8 rescuing a stranded vessel in the Shoalhaven River near Manildra on 12 June 2010.

SA-8 was in service for almost 17 years and was retired from service in late 2010, she was replaced with a new 38 foot Stebercraft SA-30 (A.M. McGilvray 2).

Above 2 photos show SA-8 leaving the Crookhaven River for the last time on the 9 February 2013 with her new owners on the way to Queensland.